V.I.P. House Call Master Pet Grooming

Your pet does not have to have special needs to benefit from a house call pet grooming, all pets find house call grooming more relaxing because they are in a familiar secure place. You have the convenience of not having to drive anywhere, we come to you with all the necessary equipment to complete the grooming as well as cleanup afterwards. You also have the peace of mind of knowing what kind of care your dog or cat is receiving during the grooming process. Whether your pet needs a nail trim or a complete makeover we can customize the grooming to meet your needs while keeping your pet happy too.

Now serving the following locations:

Saskatoon Martensville
Dalmeny Dundurn
Langham Clavet
Asquith Warman

Call 306-380-4829 or SEND EMAIL for more information.

  • Complete  Spa - Brush out, bathing, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nails and a trim.
  • VIP - This service is great for those who like to keep a longer coat especially through the colder months, while maintaining healthy skin and hair as part of wellness. The VIP program includes bath, brush out, nails and tidy up every two to four weeks depending on your dogs coat type and style.
  • Neat & Tidy - Face, feet and pad trims, as well as necessity area trims are available.
  • Nail Trims - Clipping and filing offered as a drop by or as part of a scheduled grooming. Nails should be done a minimum of every four weeks, every two weeks is preferred as it insures good posture and foot health. If nails have gotten way too long, it will take several frequent trimmings to get them in shape.
  • Hand Scissoring & Stripping - Poodles, terriers, long coated, and other breeds benefit from correct trimming and maintenance of the hair in a manner that maintains the correct coat texture. Many styles are available which is an "art form" utilizing Shandra's skills gained from years of show dog grooming which she puts to work for you.
  • Creative Grooming with Color - Unique grooming with hair tattoos, color, sparkle, bling or feathers
  • Show Dog Grooming - Shandra has over 20 years of show dog grooming to put to work for you

How it works Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a special needs dog, will it help to do a house call dog grooming?

We have found that dogs that are nervous going out, or are anxious for many reasons benefit greatly from a mobile house call dog grooming. Additionally dogs with medical conditions relating to the heart or breathing, or anything triggered by additional stress do best in home for grooming. This allows us to cater to their specific needs and allow whatever time necessary to do a pet grooming safely. 

How do I make an appointment?

Call the groomer directly at 306-380-4829 or SEND EMAIL

How does House Call Master Grooming Service work?

The groomer brings all equipment required to groom your dog or cat, all you need to provide is somewhere for bathing that has hot and cold water available.

Where does the grooming get done in my home?

This is pretty flexible as to the location in your home, if you are unsure the best place, this can be assessed at the first visit, a place will be chosen that works best for your dog, for you and the groomer. Most often grooming is done in the bathroom or kitchen where lighting is best and cleanup is easier.

Who supplies the grooming equipment?

  • Table - The groomer will bring a table if needed, most senior dogs or dogs with high anxiety will be groomed on the floor where they are the least stressed.
  • Dryer - The groomer will bring this.
  • Shampoos, towels and other equipment - The groomer will bring this too.

Who cleans up the hair?

The groomer will clean the area that was used once the grooming session is complete. This includes a wipe down with a vinegar solution to catch any little hairs left behind. No harsh cleaners are used as these can trigger allergies and other skin reactions for both you and your pet.

I have a pet with special needs how are they handled for grooming?

Pets with special needs such as anxiety, mobility or heart conditions are usually done on the floor and may even require a familiar blanket for smell to keep them calm during their session. The grooming style chosen is usually simpler in nature to keep time down so stress is lowered and will allow for easier maintenance as well.

I have a cat that just can't be groomed without biting or scratching, can you help with this?

Cats can have special needs based on their life experiences, personality and training. We do offer several solutions for this including doing grooming under vet supervision ask us about it.

What about Anal Glands?

The anal glands on your dog can be checked during grooming and we can advise if they appear to be needing medical attention, if in any doubt we will recommend seeing a veterinarian. We however can not diagnose or treat anal glands including anal gland expression, as this is a medical procedure under the Veterinary Act, and must be done by a veterinarian in Saskatchewan. Be aware that any groomer who performs anal glad expression is doing so against the law and can be held accountable for any anal gland problems down the road.

How often should my dog be groomed?

This is very dependent on the breed of dog, coat length, texture of coat, as well as health issues. As a general guide toenails should be done every two weeks with slower growing nails being done every four weeks. The rule of thumb on this is if you can hear clicking on the floor as they walk, they are too long and need to be done. Bathing and a hair trim is best done every four weeks for optimum hair and skin health, this however does vary based on coat length and texture in combination with health issues if any. We do not recommend going more than eight weeks between grooming regardless of coat length and texture.

Why use a Certified Master Groomer?

To become a Certified Master Groomer in Canada you must undergo the testing process to validate your skill sets. Testing involved requires both written and practical testing done by a panel of judges. There are several levels of Certification and Testing, the highest obtainable level is Canadian Canine Master Stylist CCMS3 also know as Master Groomer.  


V.I.P. House Call Master Pet Grooming