Dog and Cat Grooming is available via Shandra's Master Grooming house call service. Shandra has over 20 years experience and is a Certified Master Groomer through the Canadian Professional Pet Stylist Assoc. Join the V.I.P program and keep your furry friend's coat in top condition while being eligible for savings. Shandra is certain you'll love the results for a Look as Unique as your Pet!

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  • Complete  Spa - Brush out, bathing, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, nails and a trim.
  • VIP - This service is great for those who like to keep a longer coat especially though the colder months, while maintaining healthy skin and hair as part of wellness. The VIP program includes bath, brush out, nails and tidy up every two to four weeks depending on your dogs coat type and style.
  • Neat & Tidy - Face, feet and pad trims, as well as necessity area trims are available.
  • Nail Trims - Clipping and filing offered as a drop by or as part of a scheduled grooming. Nails should be done a minimum of every four weeks, every two weeks is preferred as it insures good posture and foot health. If nails have gotten way too long, it will take several frequent trimmings to get them in shape.
  • Hand Scissoring & Stripping - Poodles, terriers, long coated, and other breeds benefit from correct trimming and maintenance of the hair in a manner that maintains the correct coat texture. Many styles are available which is an "art form" utilizing Shandra's skills gained from years of show dog grooming which she puts to work for you.
  • Creative Grooming with Color - Unique grooming with hair taboos, color, sparkle, bling or feathers
  • Show Dog Grooming - Shandra has over 20 years of show dog grooming to put to work for you

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Why use a Certified Master Groomer?

To become a Certified Master Groomer in Canada you must undergo the testing process to validate your skill sets. Testing involved requires both written and practical testing done by a panel of judges. There are several levels of Certification and Testing, the highest obtainable level is Candian Canine Master Stylist CCMS3 also know as Master Groomer.