Dog and Cat Grooming is available via Shandra's Master Grooming mobile in-home service. Shandra has over 15 years experience and is a Certified Master Groomer. Join the V.I.P program and keep your furry friend's coat in top condition while being eligible for savings. Shandra is certain you'll love the results for a Look as Unique as your Pet!

Call 306-343-3647 for more information.

  • Bathing - Choose a customized shampoo and conditioner
  • Brush Outs - For those that love to keep the hair we offer a brush out service
  • Ear Cleaning - Regular ear cleaning is a must for good hygiene
  • Teeth Brushing - Regular teeth brushing is critical to good health, we will even be happy to show you how
  • Nail Trims - Clipping and Filing offered as a drop-in or as part of a scheduled grooming
  • Paw-decure - In addition to nails, your pet's feet hair will be trimmed, or you may want a special nail color added
  • Trims-ups - Face, feet and pad trims, as well necessity area trims are available as part of out Neat & Tidy approach
  • Total Make Over - Bathing, trimming, scissoring, shaving, ear cleaning, nails...  the works so your pet looks great
  • Hand Scissoring & Stripping - This is truly an art form and our years of show dog grooming are put to work for you
  • Creative Grooming with Color - Unique grooming with hair taboos, color, sparkle, bling or feathers
  • Show Dog Grooming - Shandra has over 15 years of show dog grooming to put to work for you