Nose to Toes Nail Clinic for your Dog

We have monthly toenail clinics, which include your canine companion receiving a nail trim and filing (dremel) by a Certified Master Groomer. The next toenail clinic dates:

Thursday Sep 12, 2018 11:00am - 7:00pm

No appointments required for Nail Clinic dates.

 Description Rate

Nail Clinic 

no appointment required $11.43 + tax



appointment required $17.14 + tax


House Call

appointment required $20.95 + tax


Ask for details on rates for multiple dogs from same household.

You’ll find several discount packages available for Pawdicure services at Nose to Toes to get your pet’s feet healthy, including our Toenail Clinics which are twice per month. Your pet's skeletal health including legs, hips, spine and neck all depend on the feet to remain in balance and healthy. Leaving nails too long causes discomfort and can lead to posture changes that result in pain and potential long term injury.

Pet Nail Trim

If you want your dog or cat companion to have healthy feet, maintaining the nails is vitally important for their well being, more so than many think. You might be wondering how their paws affect their welfare. The short answer is that if they are not properly cared for and have their nails trimmed correctly and regularly, it affects their gait, stability, safety and balance. Overtime this can result in joint issues that has a lifetime impact.

If you trim nails yourself and you either make nails bleed or you don’t get them trimmed at all, don’t worry, it can be fixed. The trick is to do it the right way and maintain the trim. To solve this we will work with you to get the best nail trim to make them comfortable. This may involve using a guillotine or scissor type clipper, and/or filing. There’s an art to exposing only a minimal amount of nail quick during each visit and doing this trains the nail bed to recede. Even if your dog or cat’s nails are the worst they have ever been and you think nothing can be done, nothing could be further from the truth. We have a different approach to the various reasons nails are not able to be done, for some it’s a wrestling match for their owners, we use techniques and tools to eliminate that over time, and we share our hints with our clients, things like teaching your dog to have their nails touched daily with no nail trimming being done.

There are many reasons nails don’t get done regularly, the most common reason we hear is a fear of hurting their pet. No matter what the reason you and your pet can get help. That's what nail clinic day is all about, setting your pet on the path to healthy feet.

The best way to improve your pet’s paw and nail health is to visit often, first for an initial Pawdicure. Then, return every two weeks after the initial visit to keep shaping the nails to grow correctly. Your pet may need 4 to 6 trims over an 8 to 12 week time frame to get their paws back into shape. It depends on how long the nails were for the first appointment. All dogs should have their nails trimmed at least once every four weeks.


*Groomers reserve the right to refuse service to any animal the poses a danger to either a person or another animal. Additional fees may be incurred if the animal requires extra restraints or time.