MDF Chicken (bone in) Alpine Blend

Mountain Dog Food Alpine Blend: Chicken with Bone is made with 100% ground meat with bone.

6 x 2.0 lbs Pack (box of 12 lbs)
4 x 4.8 lbs Pack (box of 19.2 lbs)
1 24.2 lb Block - bulk order program only


Ground Chicken, Ground Chicken Bone

Suggested *Supplements:
Organ meats, fruit and vegetables, kelp and cod liver oil or salmon oil.

*Supplements are suggestions only, you should only add what is necessary to balance your pet's meal plan based on medical conditions, pregnant or lactating, age, exercise level and body condition.


Analysis is based on as is in the raw format, it would need to be converted to dry matter in order to do a complete comparison to dry food.

Crude Protein: 14.20
Crude Fat: 18.5