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Reiki with ShandraYour Fur-friend may benefit from the power of Holy Fire Reiki, as is has a wide range of areas it may assist with to nurture the well being for your best friend. As a sentient being your fur-friend has an energy field that may not be in correct balance which may manifest in several ways physically and mentally.

Some of the benefits that may be seen are and greater sense of relaxation resulting in a more calm state. Most pet parents notice an overall increased energy level and state of well being. Reiki is known to assist with promoting healing after surgery, injury or trauma, and may reduce aches and pains. Some have also noted a positive impact on allergies, coat and skin conditions depending on their root cause. With the increased calmness, behaviour imbalances may be less pronounced or reduced completely. Certainly Reiki shows a marked increase in the animal to human bond based on new levels of trust.

Reiki can be done in person, or at a distance, and often works well in combination with nutrition, and aroma therapy. Holy Fire Reiki is the softest version of Reiki, the practitioner does not use their personal energy, they act as a channel to facilitate energy adjustments so both the animal and the practitioner does not experience fatigue due to taking on each others energy.

Shandra is certified through the International Center for Reiki and has Usui Holy Fire III Reiki.

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